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At Active Leap we believe that ”we have always done it this way” are the seven most expensive words for business development and performance. Therefore, we take pride in knowing that is a non-existing phrase for any of our customers and clients. All who strive to be on top of their games 

Active Leap offers modern business development management and mental performance psychology. In both business and sports. 

When working with Active Leap you will be both supported and challenged in how to turn your ideas and real challenges into new thinking, strategies and actions that moves you forward and bring results, in a sustainable way.

Welcome to Active Leap!


What we can do for you


Customers and clients

Our customers and clients are active in different industries and have different needs. What they have in common is that they strive to be their very best and achieve sustained success, whilst enjoying the journey.

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How we work together

What NOW?

You are stuck.
We meet and help you assess the situation and identify the real problem.

What If?

You want options.
We present solutions that meet you needs and help you move forward.

What Ways?

You need guidance.
We agree approach and ways of working together.

What works?

We test and learn.
We continuously test and learn to understand what works and what scales.

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