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Mindshift and action for sustained performance


Together we create mindshift and action for sustained performance

Movements that matter

Business Strategy + Performance Psychology = Active Leap

4 key questions in the development process
What now? What if? What ways? What works?

Active Leap strive to help customers and clients to increase their adaptability, both in mindset and ways of working, to create movements that matter. Now and onwards.

Business Transformation


Transformation partner
I am your partner during the entire change journey to support and challenge you as strategic advisor, project management lead and performance coach according to your needs.

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Project Management


Project Management Consultant
When you need an experienced project manager, scrum master or agile coach to take lead and help you get started, get back on track or move forward to deliver business value.

Coaching & Mentorship to individuals and teams
I coach, mentor and advise to help your co-workers and leaders gain relevant project management, leadership and group development skills. To accelerate value delivery in a lasting way.

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Mental Training


Coaching programs for teams and individuals
We start by identify your needs. Your real needs. Then I support and challenge your thinking and behavior and give you a mental framework, tools and techniques to for you to apply in your everyday life. To meet needs and move beyond. In a lasting way.

Coaching and advisory to leadership teams
I coach, advise and offer mentorship to provide the leadership team with relevant mental frameworks, tools and techniques to enable the leadership teams to support the team to move from good to great.

Tailor made education and workshop series
You can get a tailor made, practical and evidenced based education and/or workshop series to fit you needs.


Practical and evidence based


6 step model - BY ACTIVE LEAP

Six steps towards creating a lasting competitive edge
This model combines modern business development practices and sport psychology concepts. To help a team or organisation apply effective ways of working and thereby a lasting competitive advantage.


5 step model - BY ACTIVE LEAP

Five steps towards a mental champion
When applying the model we go through each step and identify advantageous mindset and practical tools and techniques that you can apply in your everyday life - to become a mental champion and gain a lasting competitive edge.

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