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Together we create movements that matter

About us

Movements that matter

Actions speak louder than words

Ipsum lorum Ipsum lorum

My background and story >> Business and Sports

Active Leap stands for daring and doing/from thinking to action. Actively and consciously.

Wellbeing >> Performance >> Lasting and positive impact

I am proud to have a selected network with highly skilled professionals to cooperate with.

I believe in

ipum lorum

Transformation Partner

Business Development management
Project Management
Mental Performance Coaching

"It's time to change the way we play the game"

Sport Psychology and Mental training

Certified Mental Trainer
Certified Professional Coach
- European & Swedish Championship medals with clients -

"Happiness is the ultimate goal"

Project Management

15 years experience of leading complex global projects with teams  of highly skilled specialists

"Actions speak louder than words"

Emma Carlsson

Ipsum lorum Ipsum Lorum

I am Emma, CEO and founder of Active Leap Movement.

I think I was born as a curious, human centered and performance driven person. It is in my DNA.

Sport background - business interest

It's time to move

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